Simonis/Strachan 6811 English Snooker

Strachan 6811 English Snooker (Woolen)


Simonis acquired the prestigious Strachan mill in England in 2016 and now offers the true directional nap 6811 Snooker cloth!.

  • 100% pure new wool ; (30 oz)
  • Width: 76" wide
  • Short directional nap Championship cloth. Very fast.
    • Directional nap Snooker cloth. The nap is to lay toward the foot end of the table. Thus, the cue ball rolls "with the nap" going down-table (break-shot) and "against the nap" going up-table. 
  • Available in English Green 


How do I keep my cloth looking better and playing better longer?

  • Keep your Simonis cloth playing and looking better longer with the new Simonis X-1® chalk dust removal tool!! More info...


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