General Information

Playfield sizes for various tables

Playfield Size
(in inches)

Playfield size is determined by measuring from the tip of one bumper to the tip of the opposite bumper



6 ft Table 32 64
      6 1/2 ft Table 36 72
7 ft Table  38 76 Standard bar size
7 ft Diamond 40 80 Diamond Smart Table
8 ft Table 44 88 Standard home size 8
8 ft OS Table 46 92 Oversize 8 or "Pro 8"
9 ft Table 50 100 Regulation or Tournament 9
10 ft Table 56 112 Regulation carom 
12 ft table 69.5 139 Regulation snooker
  Playfield height
Between 29¼ inches and 31 inches (floor to playing surface)
  Lamp height
Generally, the lamp should be 30 to 33" from the bottom edge of the lampshade to the play surface. A lamp should be set so that the light washes over the entire table. Your lamp may provide a different spread based on the lamp shades and the bulbs used in the fixture and should be adjusted accordingly.
  Cushion height
63 ½ % (+/-1 %) of the ball diameter. (i.e. standard pool ball is 2 1/4" diameter, rail height should be .635 x 2.25 or 1.43" in height)

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